Rankel Cardiocode Application In The Sport Industry

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Challenges of professional sport

Sport is an integral part of human life, social structure and in one way or another it is present in the life of every person. Sport has a great  impact on health and physical development, it forms the basis of human culture, introduces moral principles and aesthetic tastes. That is why it is important to understand the development prospects of modern sports.

International sports competitions like the Olympic Games or FIFA WORLD CUP, CHAMPIONS LEAGUE, and others were launched to unite the world, spread the culture of tolerance and integrate people. However, in the conditions of geopolitical tensions, economic instability, and changing moral foundations sport becomes a political stage as well. 

Professional sport is a challenging area. For every professional athlete, sports means breaking personal limits daily, and the political situation is raising the bar. 

The pressure to win at all costs becomes more apparent. It pushes for the use of doping that becomes one more challenge for professional sport and one more instrument in the hands of politics. Such challenges have a negative impact not only on physical but on mental health of the athlete. Sports clubs and professional coaches require modern tools & easy solutions to forecast the athletes’ potential, the capacity to encounter all the challenges of professional sport. 

What is rankel cardiocode and how does it work

RANKEL Cardiocode diagnostic device was designed based on  long-term research of scientists at the New Russain University (NRU) . Their work was based on the previously conducted research in aerospace medicine.

RANKEL Cardiocode is a complex assessment tool and is the first device that can calculate the volumetric parameters of hemodynamic. The method is non-invasive, it is fast and easy to use. The synchronous registration of the ECG & renogram makes it possible to reach the highest level in cardiovascular diagnosis. Such unique measurements can provide important insight into a person’s cardiovascular system state. RANKEL Cardiocode is the world’s first reliable method to predict heart attacks or strokes. 

Application in professional sports

RANKEL Cardiocode is easy to use & it allows you to get information about the stable parameters of the cardiovascular system in a few seconds. Therefore used before the training, it helps choose optimal training programs. You may apply it right before the competition to make sure that there are no health risks for the athlete. 

RANKEL Cardiocode is the only device in the world that can measure myocardial metabolism, oxygen saturation, lactate, and creatine phosphate levels. The results may point out the capability of the athlete & possibility to achieve significant results in the future or even become a champion.

Other application of rankel cardiocode

Besides the application of the Cardicode mentioned above, it is also useful in medical practice. It may:

  • significantly improve diagnostic of cardiovascular diseases in early stages which gives the possibility to receive timely medical help,
  • reduce the risk of sudden cardiac death in patients with heart and blood vessels diseases due to the timely identification of cardiovascular complications,
  • reduce the use of expensive diagnostic methods,
  • improve the efficiency of the therapy and medication of patients with cardiovascular diseases due to the possibility of frequent (cheap and quick) control,
  • reduce health risks at work, as the device can be easily manipulated by staff physicians in hazardous industries.

Cardiovascular accidents in sports

It may sound unbelievable, but there are a lot of professional athletes that have died during training or competition due to SCD. Cardiovascular stress is a sad consequence of strains that many athletes go through. Sometimes it is fatal:

  • On 30 April 2012, Alexander Dale Oen, a Norwegian swimmer, collapsed in a shower cabin at his training camp. He was hospitalized but was pronounced dead due to myocardial infarction.
  • Alexei Cherepanov, a young Russian ice hockey player, died on 13 October 2008 after collapsing during the third period of a match. He was declared dead due to a heart attack after having been transported to the hospital. 
  • Ben Idrissa Dermé, a Moldovan professional footballer, died on 11 September 2016 following a heart attack during a 2016–17 Coupe de France match.

What if there was a chance to predict their death? The sports clubs may use RANKEL Cardiocode not only to predict the potential of the future athletes. By including RANKEL Cardiocode analysis in the daily routine of sportsmen, they may help to avoid various accidents related to heart issues.

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