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Mustard history in medicine

The first signs of use of mustard seeds have been found in Stone Age settlements. Some evidence suggests that the ancient Egyptians flavored their food with mustard. Mustard seeds are found in the tomb of Tutankhamun. Throughout history, the interest in mustard as a flavoring has been complemented by the pursuit to apply it for medicinal purposes. Even Pythagoras recommended mustard as a remedy for scorpion stings. Greek physicians used mustard to treat lung problems in ancient Greece. 

Mustard seeds, poultice or powder have been used as medicine for thousands of years. It was a true home remedy for various conditions like flu, coughs, pneumonia, and others.  

Nutrition facts

The mustard plant is a rich source of minerals like calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium. It is also a good source of Vitamin A, K, C, B9. It is also rich in dietary fiber. Usually, one tablespoon of mustard oil contains 124 calories, however, it is still heart-healthy due to the presence of omega fatty acids. 

What are the benefits of mustard for health?

Due to mustard’s high nutrition facts & properties, it has various medical applications and health benefits.

It has great therapeutic effects against cold and sinus problems. It helps in clearing the mucus in the air passage. It may help to clear congestion, relieve cough, and stimulate the immune system to fight infection. Have you thought about why we soak our feet in hot water to treat the throat? Hot water has a thermal and irritating effect on the foot receptors. When we take a bath it may increase blood circulation in the upper respiratory tract. Consequently, it improves body defenses. Soaking your feet in water with medical mustard may boost the effect and accelerate treatment. 

You also may go for a mustard plaster that consists of mustard seeds powder paste. It is effective in the treatment of colds, but it may also ease some pains, like backaches, cramps, arthritis pains. The warmth that mustard oil generates boosts blood circulation and applying it to your scalp may improve hair growth. 

The study published in the Southern Medical University Journal says that the consumption of mustard seeds had a healing effect in case of contact dermatitis. The condition in which the derma develops an itchy rash in case of contact with an allergen.

Mustard seeds are rich in a nutrient called selenium, known for its high anti-inflammatory & antioxidative effects. Magnesium represented in mustard seeds may help to reduce the severity of asthma attacks and certain symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis. It may lower blood pressure & reduce the number of migraine attacks you get. Mustard seeds are believed to accelerate metabolism, therefore, they’re excellent for digestion.
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